Monday, August 31, 2009

Neglecting, So Neglecting

Long long week and not much writing happening here. I've been debating weather or not I'll keep this blog going as it's primarily just for me (I don't have an audience) We shall see what happens.

Also neglecting simply because I've been sick. I'm talking laid up in bed, unable to sleep, doubled over in pain sick for a long time now. The meds are almost finished and I'm still in constant pain every day. Tiredness has taken over because sleepless nights have been common. Back to the doctor (thankfully not the hospital again) later in the week for more tests, and potentially another prescription.

Enough on that. Here is a quick review of the last couple weeks.

Shayne and Sean (Two Many People) playing at the Gap for their 40th anniversary. This was the night of the many tornadoes, and the storm was crazy. Alas, I rolled up my jeans to my knees, readied my flip-flops for puddles and hoofed it up the street for a 15 minute walk to check these guys out. Soaked and freezing, and they did a great job!!

Even got free cake!! Shayne is now a happy man!

When Shayne and I were on the Dufferin bus, on our way home from the Gap show, we met a guy in a strange predicament. This smiling, friendly stranger with swarthy glasses, a moustache and beige plaid pants was experiencing a split along his inseam. Fighting with a safety pin, he jokingly asked if anyone there, in the back of the bus, happened to have a pair of pliers with them. Now my wonderful, handsome boyfriend also happens to be very resourceful, so yes, of course Shayne had a pair of pliers in his bag. Well, the smiling, moustached stranger was most obliged...and we were laughing when the very next night, walking down the street with Jerry and Mary, we passed these movie posters. And wouldn't you's the same dude from the bus!

What else, Michelle turned 32! She was having a small BBQ lunch with Jay, her mom and her two sisters. Little did she know that Jill secretly invited Erin and I over to be a birthday surprise for her. This was the first time we spent an afternoon in Michelle and Jay's gorgeous new backyard (property of their very own first home) So beautiful.

A photograph of a photograph: one from the way-back archives! Love this shot because I don't have many photos of when I had my hair styled that way. Trademark bangs.

Simon getting himself into a little kitty bundle. He stayed like this for a good hour.

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