Monday, July 20, 2009

Yesterday was a lazy day of sitting in the park with iced coffees, lemonade and contemplation. Friends saw their first skunk the other night, and it got us thinking of that most unusual defense mechanism: farting. Really, when you think about it, skunks fart on their enemies (massive, blinding, smell-it-from-miles-away farts) Its a good thing these little beasts are cute...and thank god we don't have that ability.

Back off or I'll fart on you!! or... Don't scare me or else I'll fart on you!!
Did I mention I'm nostalgic for childhood right now?

I need a new camera. Its impossible to shoot good night shots with this one (but my money is on something else right now....stay tuned tomorrow for that)

Patricia's birthday / serenade by Sean at Annex Live!

And I leave you with some vids, especially for Patricia...

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