Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vacation Ending

I have been ridiculously filled with nostalgia lately...for everything.
Then slap an impromptu trip to the ROM to see this set up on top of it, and then even more nostalgia fills me! I've always loved this little nature display. It must remind me of all my childhood days at the cottage or something.

On a side note, my old cottage (which was sold 12 years ago) is in my dreams all the time. The dreams are slightly different, but there is a recurring theme that pops up a few times a month. I'm at the cottage, and huge tidal waves sweep in, and its a fight for survival every time. No one ever dies, and it is never terribly hard to survive, but the poor little cottage is always facing tidal waves (and once even a 50 foot water monster who created tidal waves when he walked) Oh, and I'm often pregnant in these dreams too.

This is my favourite little dino. If I were to be a dino, I'd want to be this little guy.
Oh, check it out...petrified poop.
Baldwin street is the perfect ending to a vacation (ok, i'm being positive here...there is no perfect ending to a vacation) But if you must end your vacation, it's nice to do it on a little European flavoured street.

Crazy fun evening from sushi, to drinks with the girls (and Jai) to more drinks with 20 more people (and a couple of raccoons) on the patio with the worst lighting on the planet, then bike ride as fast as I can down to Souz Dal to meet up with others for martinis then down the road to meet back up with the folks from the first bar at *ahem* El Convento Rico ~ ridiculously bad, but we had so many laughs. I felt like I was back in high school aerobics class "Everybody dance now"

And lastly: do I Japanese straighten my hair or don't I.
Had the consultation today and will most likely have permanent stick straight hair by next week (and be $500 poorer for it)

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