Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So Exhausted

Today was a day of complete crowds....I don't like crowds. Don't mind 'em when they revolve around a party or something, but general public street crowds cause major panic attacks for me sometimes.

Today, rode the bikes to Nathan Phillips Square to see if there was anything happening for Canada Day / Jazz Festival. Riding along Dundas towards Yonge (crazy) my insides pull a prank on me and my body flips into immediate 'i need to pee right now' mode. Yonge/Dundas square was mad busy and we could barely get our bikes through the intersection and down to Queen. By the time I got to the bathroom in the mall, waited in the 8500 woman-deep line, Shayne had already been babysitting my bike outside for 20 minutes. Anyway, not meant to turn into a bathroom post.

Made it to NPS and hung out for a while listening to some music, but the sun, the sax and the flood of suburban fanny packs started making my heart race. Only lasted about half an hour before I had to get out of there and just go home to a cold cider.

This evening, we rode down to Ontario Place at 10:30 to see some awesome fireworks, and it left me with that "i love my bike" feeling. The traffic was insane, there were millions of people but we were able to manouver around busses and taxis no problem and were home in 10 minutes. And I was also left happy thinking of all the tiny little bats we could see flying around, silhouetted against the firework lights.

Afterthought: I think part of my anxiety today had to do with my morning coffee reading material: my old diary from grade 8. Trippy.

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