Friday, July 17, 2009

I saw these stills on line and had to post them...Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland is in production and it looks stunning.

Back to yoga, into some meditation. I need it.
Life seems so stressful right now for some reason. I'm normally so cheerful and happy, though anxiety and depression constantly lurk. Lately, the latter is on the surface and it's starting to show. I feel like I've aged 5 years in the past few weeks. Anger is so prevalent and I constantly feel like I'm at war with myself. Nothing makes me laugh like it used to and the deep wrinkles are forming on my forehead. I trust its just a phase, and that I'll get over it like usual, but every time this happens it gets harder to move forward, and it takes longer for it to pass.

Last night was a nice escape from this reality. Drew and Clea had us, and some others, over to their place for a relaxing evening in the backyard. Gorgeous backyard with trees, gardens, benches and christmas lights. Good music, hilarious conversation, lots of food and an insane amount of wine. Clea's just finishing her first year of sommelier training so the gal knows her wine...and has a lot of it. Thank god for good wine; I can only imagine what the hangover would have been like if we went through that amount of cheap wine.

My dream house.
I've had this picture, ripped out of a magazine, hanging on my fridge for over a year.
If this place was in Paris or Italy and I owned it...I don't think you'd be seeing me living in Toronto again. I'll imagine that this shot is a different room in the same place...

And if you'd prefer to live in a life-size dollhouse...

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