Monday, July 6, 2009

Dear Price Chopper,
I am so glad you have decided to start running your store like an office cubicle by filing your produce. I am sure that your organization will now be far superior.

On another note: I am trying to learn a new instrument, but I don't want to enlighten everyone yet as to what instrument it is. Hint: it's obscure.

On Friday, Shayne and I spent all day re-recording two of my songs with his new software. Would love to post them here but I don't know how to upload audio tracks. Two songs, two different instruments. I plan on writing a third song on this new instrument of mine. After the recording sessions, we had a message from Drew "DO YOU WANT TO DRINK BEER!?" click. Absolutely!! So the pad thai fixins I was just about to prepare hauled themselves along with us to Drew's place. Delicious. Then spent the night in his garage like pure classy first class citizens. But, of course I have no pictures.

Saturday, Shayne had one of his bikes stolen, but we found it a block away so the bike is holed up in my garage now. What idiot breaks through a bike lock, steals the bike, then dumps it less then a block away??

Want to see the creepiest bobble-heads ever??? Go down to the harbourfront centre and check out the private dock just West of the main stage. One by one, Shayne, Tess, Daniel and I started noticing these things, and we were all unsure at first, of what we were looking at exactly. The dock is floating, so of course it bobs up and down, these little guys (I think they might be sheep) stand about 3 feet tall, and there are about 8 of them on the dock...all slowly bobbing their creepy bobble-heads together.

We were down at harbourfront for the free Femi Kuti concert. It was the first time I've seen a show there, it's a great location. So nice with the lake, the stars, the moon and even a fireworks display at Ontario Place by coincidence. During, and after, the show all we wanted was beer. Lucked out getting a table right beside the water at the Peir 4 side patio, cold but beautiful. We have decided we want a rubber dingy with a motor to trek back and forth to the island whenever we want.

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