Thursday, July 23, 2009

Change a Little...Change a Lot!

It has been weeks since I wrote anything!!
Been busy spending my life savings on everything it seems.
I had been feeling really low (again-of course) so decided to treat myself to this hair treatment that I'd been thinking about for years. Since I didn't go on vacation this year (well, not yet anyway) I decided to spend that money on this treatment....the ol' Japanese straightening. It emptied my wallet and took an entire afternoon (and a lot of worry on my part) but I have straight hair now. It's been a few weeks, and sometimes I do look at gals with curls and sigh a bit, but when it came down to it, my curls were just plain terrible. Some pix for ya:

Of course, that was the day the rain started. I couldn't get my hair wet, or face humidity for a couple days...but that was impossible. I ended up spending even more money on taxi cabs that week, just to avoid getting the hair wet. I'm broke now. Ridiculously broke. The cab ride home from the salon was nice though. I'm normally the type of person who does not like to have a conversation with my cab driver; I don't do small talk. But this guy was so damn sweet. I felt like Bitch Hollywood but he found me adorable. In fact, he even paid me to take his cab. I warned him I didn't have enough money, and that I'd have to use the credit card. He refused. He took what cash I had...then handed me back some more cash out of his own pocket; he insisted. Then waited until I got into my house safely (but not before offering me up some napkins to pat my hair dry should I need them)

That night I was riddled with halucinations and bad dreams. I was so terrified of brain tumours from the chemicals on my head that I couldn't relax and couldn't sleep. Seriously, my head hurt for the entire next day. Not good.

The day after that ordeal, I went to Daniel's place for a BBQ and to get re-aquainted with Tyson, the dog we'd be sitting for that weekend. And of course, it rained. Another taxi home. Damn this hair is getting expensive. (Daniel's living room is still my fave...)

We spent the weekend at Daniel and Ryan's place as they were drinking it up at Hillside. It poured the entire weekend, but we made the best of it by drinking lots of coffee and wine on the covered porch, and by taking in a bunch of concerts in the annex whenever the rain stopped. Ryan Driver at Imperial Pub (ok, that bar is ancient. I'd never actually been in there before...I suspect my parents probably hung out there when they were in their twenties). St. Dirt Elementary CD release at a the kiddie pool no less (there was no water in the kiddie pool...thank you city strike) This concert was hilarious and quirky and filled with kids splashing in puddles and racing their trikes around the band. It really added something special to the show. We also caught Christine Bougie & Daffyd Hughes at Tranzac (more small world connections there)

I spent 2 weeks working on our hammy hamster style show which was adorable. A really nice change from the office side of things, but it was a lot of work. Hamsters and rabbits are not the type of actors who do exactly what you tell them. Oh, and miniatures basically rule.

While at Daniel and Ryan's place, I finished my latest painting, which was a gift for Adam. It's hard to photograph glazed paintings, but here is the cat whose conundrum is that he floated too far away from the mothership. The stars are actually glitter (can't tell here)

The long weekend brought us back to the farmhouse, which was really great. It was a much smaller group this time (with no army folks). It was so nice to catch up with Ian and Lisa after so long, and hang with Erin, Tess, Daniel, Trev and Angelina. The weather was great and we spent a lot of time on the beach (even if it sometimes took us a very long time to get there! - oh and apparently there was no more gas - thank you long weekend)

Trev buying cigarettes. What? You thought he was buying rollies? Why would you think that?

Harvest Moon Bakery, one of the greatest places in the country.

I've been thinking again of spending a week or two next summer working at the Harvest Moon Bakery. That place has always been magic for me. Tess, Daniel, Trev and I drove there to visit with Carla (Trev's gal) and were greeted by the loudest, friendliest, highest hippies in the countryside, holding out a giant tray of "Cosmic Brownies" for us. We went on to get happily high at the bakery (they were closed! It isn't that kind of bakery gawd), loving life and dreaming of returning there one day. I'm thinking of trekking out there next summer for a working vacation. Of course, I'd only be working for room, board and the experience of 2 weeks with those amazing people. On top of the fact that I have baking experience now, I think it would be great.

When we arrived at the farm, we were greeted by a casino slot machine on top of one of the wood stoves which kept us pretty much entranced whenever we were inside. Once I started playing, I started winning. The machine was going crazy all blinking and playing music and I kept winning, and winning and winning...until the machine just plain broke. Oops. Error messages all over the place. I guess I wasn't really so lucky at winning, but rather the machine was malfunctioning so I couldn't lose. Ian got the machine up and running again by the next morning though. We had the key, so whenever we ran out of quarters, we'd just open 'er up and reclaim all the cash and start again.

And don't think we went to the farm without busting out a round of Mord le Sac. Three way winning tie between Erin, Ian and Lisa.

Oh you know, just another evening of drinks and good people around the campfire...

Judging by the amount of photos of us, I think Erin and I were smitten with each other...or possibly just not thinking straight anymore...

How much collagen does it look like I have in my lips in that picture? Correct answer: NONE!! (awful pic of me, but Lisa is just too cute!)

Right, because when you stop to get gas, it's important to shower.

I was having a moment with myself and my camera.

After one particularily huge dinner, we went for a walk and practically walked into a young bear on the road. Later that night around the campfire (with fireworks of course) we felt surrounded by coyotes in the treeline, and pretty much decided to head inside at that point. The alcohol, pot, alien spaceships in the sky and the coyotes was enough for that night.

Then finally, once home Erin and I met up with Jill. So nice! We have missed her a lot these past 2 years as she's been living in Dubai / travelling through India. She's back now, some would say for good, and she's living on my street for now. It was so nice to hang out with an old friend, and to connect with someone so special to me.