Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Watch That Scene!

Sunday was a great day, the debut of Two Many People.
Shayne and I trekked over to the east end to have dinner with Patricia and Sean on their lovely back patio. It was such a beautiful, warm, sunny evening. After dinner: off to Leslie Jones for Matt Joudrey's book launch / show. The place was great, the people were great and everything worked out pretty well. The poor guys though having to play over the noise of the crowd as this was a PA-less show. I took some vids, but they uploaded super dark on You Tube, so you can't see much. Oh well.

Sean hammed it up for the crowd quite a lot and got lots of laughs (and subsequent mega crushes from the little girls in the crowd!)

Drinks all 'round and a toast to a great performance. So proud of you xoxoxo

We've decided that the next show is going to be the Beige Bra Brigade party. As the guys were playing, streetcars kept passing by outside the open windows in the front of the bar. So of course, Tess and I had the hilarious vision of throwing our bras at the band...only missing. Said bras would then fly past the guys, straight out the window, and catch on a passing streetcar. The visuals of that, and the bra flapping in the wind as the streetcar drove down Queen, with Tess running after it yelling "Wait!! My bra!!!" with the 'girls' swinging all over the place (because of course the bra is no longer being worn), was one of the funniest thoughts of the evening. That being said, every time a streetcar went by we burst out laughing. From all of this came the idea that next time TMP plays, we'll come prepared with a whole bag of cheap ass beige bras to give out to people at the door when they come in. During the show, a point system will be set up, for example: 50 points for getting your bra around the neck of the guitar, 100 points for getting your bra around the neck of the guitar player!!

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