Sunday, June 28, 2009

Should Have Taken Even More Pictures...

It's Monday, and I'm on vacation! This past weekend was by far the greatest start to a vacation I could have asked for. Sitting here with the breeze and the birds, I finally have time to post all of this stuff. Last night Shayne and I went to Julie's for some late night mojitos, and had to walk through the annual Portuguese festival to get there. The entire street was lined with glowing lights, with the above church at the centre of it all. Whenever anything like this is going on, it makes me happy. It feels like I've traveled all of 3 minutes to get to Portugal.

I plan on having my fingers covered in paint for the next two weeks as I finish the whole series of paintings for sale. Paint will only be removed to practice the cello, Shayne will not let me say no to recording this Friday.

This weekend was so perfect, filled with sun, sitting in the park for hours with Shayne, Jerry and iced lattes, getting "drunken" with Drew on my beauty of a paved front lawn and having an amazing little BBQ at Tess & Daniel's on Saturday night (to use up all the leftovers from Friday's island party) Caprese salad I've had...

But of course, the official beginning to the weekend, and my vacay was Daniel's island birthday BBQ. For a while there we were thinking that the fates were working against us as the ferrys went on strike, and the LCBO nearly did too. But things worked out for the best, and turned out being even better then if we'd joined the masses on a ferry.

We ended up being picked up by a great guy, who taxied us over in groups in his private motor boat. There were too many of us to go in a single trip, but he had no problem taking two boat loads. Getting to the island in a small boat with friends was so much better then the crowded ferry...check out the amazing veiws.

Our taxi man....
Seeya later big city!

The best thing about the strike is that we were esentially the only people on the island. There were no other tourists in sight, and we had the entire beach to ourselves.

The same guy who took us to the island ended up having major engine trouble and said he couldn't pick us up. He did give us the number of another guy, but we were seriously considering spending the night on the beach and watching the sunrise. Alas, having no blankets or bug spray, we opted out.

The guy who taxied us home gave us a bit of a hassle, but we turned his boat into the party boat home as he could fit all of us (plus some others that showed up) on his boat....but who was that guy in the white tux? That guy came out of nowhere. We kept the music playing the entire way back.

Here's the only picture we managed to get of white tux guy......

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