Saturday, June 6, 2009

More Garage Salin'

Awwww Kitty!! I can't believe its after 3:00 already...I have to get painting.
Got up early, rode bikes over to Drew and Clea's new place to check out their garage sale, and I definitely helped clean them out a bit within 5 minutes (they have good stuff!) They also showed us around their new apartment...gorgeous. So envious. Main floor, whimsical touches around every corner, fireplace, secret little mounted chandeliers where you don't expect them, nooks and alcoves, a secret garden in the back and stained glass....and Kitty of course (chillin' on the neighbours lawn, he wasn't too interested in the sale)

I picked up a couple of Clea's rings and a purse. Also Drew's old tea cup set that Shayne and I used to use when he was housesitting over a year ago, a martini shaker (also something we used to use) a butter tray and a wireless router. This is essential because for a year and a half I've had to plug in to my modem on a 50' cable which snakes all through my livingroom. Ahhh it will be so nice to be rid of that cable.

Fresh, sour, delicous lemonade squeezed fresh by Drew...
I think Shayne and Drew could very well have been separated at birth. I can't believe I never noticed before how much they look like each other...

Drew was selling off his toaster collection :(
All awesome pieces, but perhaps also fire hazards so I didn't purchase any. The collection also included the gigantic industrial toaster you see below:

Shayne and the old couch......
The same old couch back in the day....(the couch is under me and the blankets)

Then, on Drew's recommendation, we went to Krak for lunch on the back patio. Yummy Polish food (schnitzel, cabbage rolls, perogies and beet soup)
Shayne is a very busy you can see:

Hi Everyone! I am hear to blind you with my paleness! Actually I am quite tanned right now...uh...for me that is....compared to everyone else...I'm plain pale.

It was so nice to see Drew and Clea after so long. They had stayed at my place a couple months ago, but I wasn't here so didn't get a visit in. Glad they're back cause they are two of the calmest, kind, relaxing people.

Now I really have to go paint. Leave you with some shots from earlier this week (hey Simon!!)

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