Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Around Town

It has been a long time since I posted anything, I've been so busy. I really need to get back into writing, as most of the posts I've posted lately have mostly just been photos, but that's more interesting then my ramblings I'm sure. This past weekend was a bike love weekend! So much biking. Friday night was one of those nights where we didn't have any plans, and didn't know what to do. Ended up having drinks and dinner at La Hacienda. Love it. The back patio is a dream filled with trees and christmas lights, and we were served by Where's Waldo himself (or perhaps Kurt Cobain from the In Bloom video)

Unlocking our bikes after dinner, I heard the unmistakable voices of loved ones calling me from down the road. Lucie, Mark and Adam were just coming back from Poutini's (and sushi?) so we caught up a bit on the street. Not realizing how late it already was, Shayne and I headed down to Harbourfront to catch the free Cirque du Soleil show. Unfortunately we were a little late, and only caught the last couple minutes of the show, but none the less, still glad we saw some of it.

Went for a walk along the water, and through the music garden in the dark.

Saturday: Trinity Bellwoods garage sale. Always fun to look through everything, but I didn't buy more then an extension cord. Then on our way up to Bay/Cumberland for the Brazilian Guitar Marathon. Awesome. Got there at 1:00, found a great spot near the stage and spread out the blanket. Lucky we got there when we did as people started pouring in around us not long after.

Of course, I can't go more then a few minutes these days it seems without pushing the camera up in Shayne's face (or apparently having Shayne push his face into my camera!)

A little something about Shayne: he's one of those guys with a host of stories, but doesn't talk about stuff unless it comes up. One of the guitarists we went to see was Celso Machado, one of the best, and supposedly one of the most fun to watch, Brazilian players. I thought Shayne had seen this guy place once before, but no, as it turns out Shayne had a private lesson with this guy in his living room eons ago in BC. One of the pieces Shayne plays which I'm most familiar with, is a Machado piece. Little did I know, that Shayne learned to play it from Machado himself. Back in the day, Shayne had some questions about the piece, so called up his professor for some tips, and his professor just gave him Machado's number and said to call and ask him personally. So, filled with nerves, Shayne called "Mr Machado" as his prof had instructed, and he said "Hey no problem! My mother in law lives near you, I'll be there in 10 minutes!" Shayne basically shit his pants and immediately had to prepare for an idol's visit. This is like me just calling up Jorane to help me learn one of her pieces, and having her drop by my place.

He was such a fun player, filled with energy and soul. He improvised on everything from water bottles to nose whistles.

After 5 hours of sitting on the concrete, my ass needed a cushion and my blood stream needed a beer, so we grabbed a pint (aaaahhhhhhhh) at Hemingway's on the upper patio looking over Cumberland, which was closed down for the festivities. Times like these are when I really love the city, it feels so festive. Only time for one beer, because the bike love was to carry us back down to Harbourfront to try and see Cirque du Soleil again. We made it to the mainstage right on time...but there was nothing happening. As it turned out, Saturday was the only day they weren't doing the mainstage show. But we found them doing mini-shows at the music garden. Again, we only caught about 15 minutes before they wrapped up for the day.

My biggest phobia come to life: An installation consisting of an bubbling, overflowing toilet....

After the overflowing toilets (ugh) we rode all the way over to High Park as we were on weekend Kitty sitting duty. Shayne had to pull out the MacGuyver tricks though as the key wouldn't work in the door at Drew and Clea's place. I am witness now that the credit card trick really does work, and we were able to break in to the place to a very starving little kitty. Decided to have a glass of wine (out of a thermos in my purse) at Drew's to chill for a bit, before meeting up with Daniel, Ryan and Maud, who was visiting from Halifax for the weekend, at Red Light. Brief, but awesome to see her (and everyone!)

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