Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I've been on my own now for over a week, and I must say I haven't accomplished much. I have a huge list of stuff to get done, but its so damn hard to chip away at it right now. I think I'm finally regaining my energy after the farm weekend extravaganza, but I'm still laying here dreading going back into my kitchen. I hit the cupboards today; removed everything, scrubbed then re-organized everything back inside. The rest of my kitchen however, is a disaster. I can barely walk through it because of the pile of clothes and pillows spilling out of the backpack I took to the farm.

I just had a hilarious memory thinking of things spilling out in my kitchen. I remember I once thought I had a few too many bags under my kitchen sink...but had absolutely no idea just how many bags I had under there until I pulled them all out. It was like in the cartoons when someone pulls a little loose thread on their sweater, only to end up tied in a ridiculous pile of knots.

No, it wasn't excessive or anything...

I've put off laundry for as long as possible. I hate doing laundry when Shayne isn't here to have a drink with me during the wash cycle. I have allowed myself to relax pretty well for the last couple of days (I needed it) but the work is piling up. The cello isn't going to play itself, nor are the paintings going to paint themselves. Oh, and my fridge isn't going to miraculously barf delicious groceries into it's own mouth (eew sorry!) so I guess I'll have to go to the chopper. (that really was a horrible metaphor)

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