Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pretty Pink Flowers

This past weekend was filled with song and cherry blossoms! I have no pix of the songs (I was afraid I might not be welcome snapping shots in the theatre...I'm chicken) Mark and I went to the Lower Ossington Theatre to see the Toronto Youth Theatre's production of "Into the Woods" I knew nothing of this musical, and I thought we were going to be faced with a high-school production, but it was $20 so there was nothing to lose. Folks, if you have a chance, go check out the TYT, they were actually quite amazing. I can't believe how great of a show we were treated to, especially for the price. It was no high school show, it was a perfect, professional performance, who's actors just happened to be teenagers.

Sunday afternoon was the annual gathering at High Park to enjoy the Japanese cherry blossoms while listening to some ambient beats and sipping rose wine on a picnic blanket. Shayne and I surprisingly had no trouble finding Erin there, and were joined later by Tess and Daniel to see the sun go down and the moon appear behind all the blossoms.

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