Sunday, May 31, 2009

Planet Palmerston

Ok, so that guy above had nothing to do with the garage sale, but his photo snuck itself in when I was uploading, so he can stay.

Yesterday was such a great day and I have my wonderful friends, wonderful weather and wonderful strangers to thank for that. I was dreading getting up at 7:30am on a Saturday for the garage sale, but it was entirely worth it. The residents of Palmerston Ave (some of whom are friends of mine) were taking part in a charity street wide garage sale in support of Habitat for Humanity. I happened to have a few garbage bags of clothes that were in the Value Village pile to get rid of, so I decided that selling them for charity would be the best option. Sadly, I had to haul everything over to Daniel and Ryan's place in a taxi as the bike wouldn't cut it (seeya never $12)

Lots of folks stopped by to visit the vendors, and consequently even help us make some deals. Karl looking much better after having the cast removed. It came out completely wrong when I said "Hey Karl! You look so much better now then last time I saw you!" Uh...thanks? hahaha I meant because he is now cast-less.

Patricia did amazing business with Pattie Cakes cookies for sale. Everyone shelled out some change to savour her cookies, and some shoppers even came to our yard specifically for her chocolate truffle cookies upon hearing about them from others down the street. Here she is talking to a local reporter about the sale.

I ended up buying that painting that you see laying flat on the ground in the following picture, from Kim at the end of the sale for $5. My room will thank me muchly for the decor. She was hard pressed to sell them (there were two originally) as she had bought them from the artist (or so she thought :) who was selling them door to door (turns out they are just prints of random paintings) oops!
Shayne didn't hang out for long, he was busy trying to buy and sell bicycles (as usual) all day! But the short visit was most welcome and most fun! The bike sale was a success in the end, and then he was off to practice some geetar for the book launch in 2 weeks.

hahaha Sears Family Photography moment!!

I didn't have any tables, so I just set all my clothes out on blankets on the ground. I sold everything for $2 as I just wanted to off load everything. I did pretty well and sold most of it. Patricia got a kick out of all my clothes sprawled out like that because she said she could see the progression of my fashion over the years in there, and now it was all layed out to sell :( There were a few items that I had to take back after looking at them all day; I decided that I couldn't part with some things after all.

Tyson was so good...
Cleaning up and starting to pack it in, the day went so fast...
Sean showed up after rehearsal to join in on the "after sale" drinks.
I packed up all my left-overs in a garbage bag and walked them over to Kei's place for the Diabetes Foundations pick up on Monday. From what I sold, I think I made about $30. I gave half of it to charity, and spent the other half on lunch and beer. When I factor in the taxi I took there, I made no profit at all. But that doens't matter because the day was way worth it.

The rain held off all day for us which was such a lucky break.
Sneaky Dees for some lunch / beer (and some terrible pictures! I need a new camera)

Patricia is caught admiring Daniel....and it is Sean...
Then turned in for some tunes and relaxation (and to wait out the final downpour) at Daniel and Ryan's place, my dream apartment. Hanging out in their livingroom is so wonderful and dreamy. Best. Apartment. Ever.

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