Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Favourite Flowers are Still Forget-Me-Nots...

...even though they are technically considered a weed. I don't discriminate.
This past long weekend was spent at Erin's farmhouse, the annual freeze-your-bag-off May 24 tradition. Lots of beautiful sunsets, chilly breezes, sunny days, nature walks, fireworks, awesome people and awesome conversation.

I am now going into a state of meditation to get ready for this epic post (uploading this amount of photos requires this...and a huge glass of wine)...

Strummin' and jammin' in the livingroom (gypsy songs and blip blaps)

On our way up to the farm, we stopped late at night at the side of the road. The thought of those female pee-helpers entered my mind. I'm talking about those things that have been created for women to have the ability to pee up against a tree like a dude. It seems all fine and good...but my question is: what do you do with it when you've used it? You most likely aren't near a water supply with which to rinse it. Just saying is all...

This was honestly the coldest beach I've been on in ages. The waters of Georgian Bay are nearly unswimmable, even in the summer because of their frigid temps. Army boys are nuts.

This is by far the funniest moose I've ever, ever encountered. Thank you for that weed; I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at the thought of how these guys ended up on the wall (and no, it had nothing to do with hunting or guns or anything remotely cruel). Alas, I can also thank the weed for one of the worst bouts of paranoia I've experienced in a long time.

Upon our late arrival at the farm (1am) one cousin Trev Trav blasted a firecracker rocket off right beside the car...killing us with laughter but poor Scar bolted back into the car and swore he'd never come out again.

Said firecracker rockets were also thrown into the bonfire scaring the shit out of Tess and I. I don't think either of us have ever run so fast away from a jovial crowd. Lots of love to you and your orange glasses Trev, amazing seeing you again after so long, but you just about killed us all with laughter*

*see video at the bottom of this post.

This farm boasts the most amazing flags I've ever seen.

Scar the farm doggily:

Look at the following two pictures...their legs are trying to run away from their bodies...

No shortage of cooking, and no shortage of cleaning.

Waiting for the train home. Tess and Daniel were our ride home, they were going to swing by and get us on Monday after they returned from Manatoulin Island. The only problem, which none of us thought of, was that this ferry gets crazy busy on long weekends. They couldn't get on to the intended ferry as it was too full, and the next ferry wasn't for hours. Not a problem, of course, except there was no cell service up there, so they couldn't call and tell us what happened. Everyone left the farm around 3:00, leaving Jerry, Scar and I alone with the birds and the breezes. We knew they were coming, but thought "what if something happened to them?" We would be stranded out there with no communication (my phone was rapidly running out of battery power) Jerry ended up having a nap, while Scar and I wandered around the property, listening to my iPod and singing at the top of my lungs as there was no one around for miles. Our ride arrived around 6:30pm and we were on our way!

Jerry's face around the :45sec mark is hilarious...

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