Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Most Riveting Post You'll Ever Read

Planning for the long weekend away up north in Miller Lake. My car load of folks are responsible for lunches, but what can you really make for lunch to feed 20 people??? I was working late today, and had the ingenious brain moment telling me "casseroles!!" I have never made a casserole before... Hmmm, how hard can macaroni and cheese really be? What an ingenious idea (have I already said that?) And now, for your enjoyment...the making of three macaroni casseroles...

The Goods:

Whole wheat pasta for Jerry's benefit, a glass of wine, and a text from Shayne (it reads "skype?" - and we haven't yet because I've been too busy cooking)

Ugh...shredding an entire village of cheese, my least favourite task...

Victory!!! And into the freezer for safe keeping!!

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