Monday, May 11, 2009

I Will Miss Thee

Ho Hum
Shayne is goin' away for a long time :-(
Tonight is the last time I'll see him for a while so we'll be having a nice dinner and some of my new favourite wine Frank Smith :-p

I was hoping to at least be able to make the most of all this alone time I was gonna be getting*
- finish all my paintings for the (now two!!) art sales
- playin' lots of cello
- friggin spring cleaning
- organizing all the garage sale stuff
- altering a bunch of old clothes
- do my taxes
- continue working on getting my Euro passport
- finally get to all that lakefront jogging I promised Lucie we would be doing!! (I know luv I will join you soon I promise!)

*the most invigorating thing you've read all day, I know! usual my schedule is just so damn full I just can't fit any of this stuff in hey! Basically I'm completely tied up until next Wednesday, at which point I might find some time for me.

Yesterday was mother's day, and I never get to see my own mom on mothers day. She is a waitress at Swiss Chalet and mothers day happens to be the busiest day of the year. So, the past couple I've spent with the Grays, and it is never short of entertaining! At least there were no roast beef fights at the table this time around (although I would still pay to see that happen again)

My last note on mothers is:
When does this start happening??? This being my super way-back-when pub night extravaganza party pals having babies!! Awwwwww Dalia!

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