Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Tried!!!

You know how much it sucks when you want to surprise someone with the best, most thoughtful surprise, and you have all these hilarious ideas in your head of how you'll present the surprise, only to not be able to actually do the surprise because someone else ruined it without even knowing about your amazing surprise plans??? Ugh.

I was supposed to be wearing a hugely oversized, brown vintage polyester suit with houndstooth detail in the above picture...but clearly, I'm not. Also, this picture of me in said suit was also to appear as my facebook profile picture with my status reading something witty like "I blinked and this suit is now dangling off my limbs"

Shayne came home one day last week from Kensington with some lovely pix of himself modelling this suit in the store, so he could get my opinion. I said "absolutely buy the suit!" ...and then we got too busy to go back and get it.

I got off work early today, so made it my mission to find the suit and conduct the above explained surprise (as Shayne is away in BC for the next 2 weeks) Now, I had no idea what store the suit was in, so I went on a mission. I searched every corner of every smelly vintage shop in the entire market. I spoke with every shopkeeper, telling them of my mission and they all shrugged their shoulders, but wished me all the best. I even asked some Jamaican dudes in their head shop to find out where I can find the best vintage suits..I told them the story and they thought I was great (I heard them say that to each other as I left the store...natch)

Alas, it is prom time right now, and all the stores are advertising this. So, the person in question who ruined my surprise is clearly some unsuspecting 17 year old greasy boy who thought this suit would be great for the big night...but will then toss the suit in a closet to rot away. This 17 year old boy just has no idea how cool this suit is, and will never show it the appreciation it deserves, so, thank you greasy hipster 17 year old prom boy, you have flapped your proverbial butterfly wing causing a tidal wave which drowned my surprise. (sometimes I'm so witty I kill myself, I really do)

So, in closing, I'm sorry baby ma baby for the lack of suit surprise, but know that I had good intentions....(hey, I heard that!!)


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