Monday, May 4, 2009

Here's Hoping You Can Stay

I really hope you guys get good news today!! I'm sure you will.

Over the past year, you both have been my constant friends and constant support. I've felt super comfy with you from the time we first met on my front "lawn" when you were in search of your chest of drawers, and I've never stopped laughing with ya. We've had road trips together "Tell me a story!!!" and even a little dancing on tables with French boys (ok, so I didn't partake in that, if I had, we surly would have been kicked out of that place) Tagine dinners, energy drinks, losing Daniel at the market, mulled wine, muscles, a few strasses und autobahns, late night mord-le-sac and cherry blossoms. You've brought a lot to my life this year when I needed it most, and I hope we can keep it that way!

PS: I know you are blushing and embarrassed now after reading this!

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