Friday, May 22, 2009

Even though its a beautiful day, the sun is out, the birds are singing and good tunes are playing...I am really bothered by the city today. I was up and out the door by 5:45am this morning for a super early call time. We shot a music video at work today which was tons of fun! The above picture was taken at 5:45am (look how light out it is!!) but, uh, look at the view. That was the start to my day: a huge line up of idling dump trucks waiting for the gates to swing open at their construction site.

As I said, work was great. I really don't mind the early starts in summer, and I get off work at 3:00! I tried faxing my application for long form birth certificate a bunch of times, with no luck. I kept getting error messages (will keep trying on Monday) I'm finally starting the process to try and get my UK passport.

Anyway, after my fun day at work, my day basically looked like this:
I was surrounded by dudes on the subway who were yelling obscenities at each other, putting down the 'white man' and really bothering this other girl a ways down from me. They weren't directing anything at me, I just happened to be reading my book and they got on a few stops after me. I could not ignore them. I could not read anymore so I put my book down and rolled my eyes as loudly as I could. Damn you assholes shut the f*$# up. I have no tolerance for idiotic shits who feel they have the right to storm into a public place and pollute it with their filthy mouths / racist attitudes / whatever. I wanted to say something so bad but there was at least 10 of them, and one of me, and I certainly couldn't stand up to the insults I'm sure I'd have slung at me.

Anyway, later on, I had to do laundry and nearly got run over by some douche in a pickup truck. He was making a left on a green light, when I, and another guy, had the right of way (we were crossing on the walk signal) and the guy in the pickup truck has the audacity to yell out his window at us to 'get out of his way!' He was screaming that there was something wrong with us because we were in front of his the middle of the crosswalk on a green light...what a joke.

Then, as my laundry was in, I witnessed the cops arrest some dude on the sidewalk and basically smash his face into the ground (I looked away and went back into the 'mat at this point because I didn't want to be a gawker, this kind of stuff makes me queasy) I also really didn't need to see the pile of sawdust they sprinkled on the sidewalk where his face had been, but, I did.

Ugh, I'm really missing the farm in the country right now, this crap (all happening within the span of an hour) really blows. Alas, I've remained in a good mood because no one's shit will bring me down on a nice day. Glass of wine and some karaoke tonight with my girl and some army boys will be a good remedy.

This was a really bitter post (apologies), but honestly people!

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