Sunday, May 24, 2009

And That's It!

In 5 hours I'm going to pile myself into a zipcar and drive to the airport to get Shayne. Its a surprise as he thinks I'm coming via TTC...but I know that after being on a plane all day with 2 huge suitcases filled with his most delicate (haha) glassware and whatever else he had goin' on out there in BC ten years ago, the car will be a welcome surprise.

Very relaxing weekend. Karaoke didn't happen because Erin's army business went on way too long. Spent the day yesterday painting like a madman and cleaning my place. I moved my bed away from the wall to sweep under there, and was slightly overcome. My room is now completely rearranged (another surprise for Shayne when he comes over later)

Last night I met up with Tess and Daniel who were also in the mood for a quieter night. We walked over to the vid store and picked up In Bruges. They had already seen it, but wanted to see it again. So we piled onto my couch with some wine and laughed our asses off. Damn that's an amazing movie, honestly one of the best movies I've seen in a long time (I know I'm a little behind considering it came out a year ago, but whatever) If you are also behind, rent it, you'll adore it.

On another note, I have picked out the life I want when I get older (truthfully, I'd go for this life now too) I want to own a local general store with my husband. Just like the store across from my house, they have it so sweet. They own a beautiful little store / garden centre (which they live above). They are friends with everyone in the neighbourhood, people stop by all the time to chat as he waters the plants (see pix below) and she minds the store inside. They seem so happy, and it honestly really, really appeals to me. I intend to take over their business when they are ready to sell.

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