Sunday, May 31, 2009

Planet Palmerston

Ok, so that guy above had nothing to do with the garage sale, but his photo snuck itself in when I was uploading, so he can stay.

Yesterday was such a great day and I have my wonderful friends, wonderful weather and wonderful strangers to thank for that. I was dreading getting up at 7:30am on a Saturday for the garage sale, but it was entirely worth it. The residents of Palmerston Ave (some of whom are friends of mine) were taking part in a charity street wide garage sale in support of Habitat for Humanity. I happened to have a few garbage bags of clothes that were in the Value Village pile to get rid of, so I decided that selling them for charity would be the best option. Sadly, I had to haul everything over to Daniel and Ryan's place in a taxi as the bike wouldn't cut it (seeya never $12)

Lots of folks stopped by to visit the vendors, and consequently even help us make some deals. Karl looking much better after having the cast removed. It came out completely wrong when I said "Hey Karl! You look so much better now then last time I saw you!" Uh...thanks? hahaha I meant because he is now cast-less.

Patricia did amazing business with Pattie Cakes cookies for sale. Everyone shelled out some change to savour her cookies, and some shoppers even came to our yard specifically for her chocolate truffle cookies upon hearing about them from others down the street. Here she is talking to a local reporter about the sale.

I ended up buying that painting that you see laying flat on the ground in the following picture, from Kim at the end of the sale for $5. My room will thank me muchly for the decor. She was hard pressed to sell them (there were two originally) as she had bought them from the artist (or so she thought :) who was selling them door to door (turns out they are just prints of random paintings) oops!
Shayne didn't hang out for long, he was busy trying to buy and sell bicycles (as usual) all day! But the short visit was most welcome and most fun! The bike sale was a success in the end, and then he was off to practice some geetar for the book launch in 2 weeks.

hahaha Sears Family Photography moment!!

I didn't have any tables, so I just set all my clothes out on blankets on the ground. I sold everything for $2 as I just wanted to off load everything. I did pretty well and sold most of it. Patricia got a kick out of all my clothes sprawled out like that because she said she could see the progression of my fashion over the years in there, and now it was all layed out to sell :( There were a few items that I had to take back after looking at them all day; I decided that I couldn't part with some things after all.

Tyson was so good...
Cleaning up and starting to pack it in, the day went so fast...
Sean showed up after rehearsal to join in on the "after sale" drinks.
I packed up all my left-overs in a garbage bag and walked them over to Kei's place for the Diabetes Foundations pick up on Monday. From what I sold, I think I made about $30. I gave half of it to charity, and spent the other half on lunch and beer. When I factor in the taxi I took there, I made no profit at all. But that doens't matter because the day was way worth it.

The rain held off all day for us which was such a lucky break.
Sneaky Dees for some lunch / beer (and some terrible pictures! I need a new camera)

Patricia is caught admiring Daniel....and it is Sean...
Then turned in for some tunes and relaxation (and to wait out the final downpour) at Daniel and Ryan's place, my dream apartment. Hanging out in their livingroom is so wonderful and dreamy. Best. Apartment. Ever.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

if you find me, hide me...

One of the most important songs to me in the last 14 months...
So much attached to it...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

And That's It!

In 5 hours I'm going to pile myself into a zipcar and drive to the airport to get Shayne. Its a surprise as he thinks I'm coming via TTC...but I know that after being on a plane all day with 2 huge suitcases filled with his most delicate (haha) glassware and whatever else he had goin' on out there in BC ten years ago, the car will be a welcome surprise.

Very relaxing weekend. Karaoke didn't happen because Erin's army business went on way too long. Spent the day yesterday painting like a madman and cleaning my place. I moved my bed away from the wall to sweep under there, and was slightly overcome. My room is now completely rearranged (another surprise for Shayne when he comes over later)

Last night I met up with Tess and Daniel who were also in the mood for a quieter night. We walked over to the vid store and picked up In Bruges. They had already seen it, but wanted to see it again. So we piled onto my couch with some wine and laughed our asses off. Damn that's an amazing movie, honestly one of the best movies I've seen in a long time (I know I'm a little behind considering it came out a year ago, but whatever) If you are also behind, rent it, you'll adore it.

On another note, I have picked out the life I want when I get older (truthfully, I'd go for this life now too) I want to own a local general store with my husband. Just like the store across from my house, they have it so sweet. They own a beautiful little store / garden centre (which they live above). They are friends with everyone in the neighbourhood, people stop by all the time to chat as he waters the plants (see pix below) and she minds the store inside. They seem so happy, and it honestly really, really appeals to me. I intend to take over their business when they are ready to sell.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ran Away to Tell the World

It makes me happy to watch her because she is so quirky; sweeping the grass, mopping the sidewalk and hanging her rugs in the trees. Sadly, her dog whom I used to call "raggy maggie" died last summer. I miss the sounds of that dog barking out on the street at everyone through all of her dreadlocked fur.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Even though its a beautiful day, the sun is out, the birds are singing and good tunes are playing...I am really bothered by the city today. I was up and out the door by 5:45am this morning for a super early call time. We shot a music video at work today which was tons of fun! The above picture was taken at 5:45am (look how light out it is!!) but, uh, look at the view. That was the start to my day: a huge line up of idling dump trucks waiting for the gates to swing open at their construction site.

As I said, work was great. I really don't mind the early starts in summer, and I get off work at 3:00! I tried faxing my application for long form birth certificate a bunch of times, with no luck. I kept getting error messages (will keep trying on Monday) I'm finally starting the process to try and get my UK passport.

Anyway, after my fun day at work, my day basically looked like this:
I was surrounded by dudes on the subway who were yelling obscenities at each other, putting down the 'white man' and really bothering this other girl a ways down from me. They weren't directing anything at me, I just happened to be reading my book and they got on a few stops after me. I could not ignore them. I could not read anymore so I put my book down and rolled my eyes as loudly as I could. Damn you assholes shut the f*$# up. I have no tolerance for idiotic shits who feel they have the right to storm into a public place and pollute it with their filthy mouths / racist attitudes / whatever. I wanted to say something so bad but there was at least 10 of them, and one of me, and I certainly couldn't stand up to the insults I'm sure I'd have slung at me.

Anyway, later on, I had to do laundry and nearly got run over by some douche in a pickup truck. He was making a left on a green light, when I, and another guy, had the right of way (we were crossing on the walk signal) and the guy in the pickup truck has the audacity to yell out his window at us to 'get out of his way!' He was screaming that there was something wrong with us because we were in front of his the middle of the crosswalk on a green light...what a joke.

Then, as my laundry was in, I witnessed the cops arrest some dude on the sidewalk and basically smash his face into the ground (I looked away and went back into the 'mat at this point because I didn't want to be a gawker, this kind of stuff makes me queasy) I also really didn't need to see the pile of sawdust they sprinkled on the sidewalk where his face had been, but, I did.

Ugh, I'm really missing the farm in the country right now, this crap (all happening within the span of an hour) really blows. Alas, I've remained in a good mood because no one's shit will bring me down on a nice day. Glass of wine and some karaoke tonight with my girl and some army boys will be a good remedy.

This was a really bitter post (apologies), but honestly people!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Creativity in the Kitchen

Normally, I'm terrible in the kitchen. I can't cook. But sometimes I astound myself. My fridge still hasn't given up the goods (meaning, it hasn't filled itself yet) so I just made up a dinner of what I had in there:
- a frozen pizza crust
- some frozen shrimp
- half a jar of roasted red peppers
- half a plastic container of assorted olives

That is basically all I had going on in there, other then some Del Monte apple sauce cups that Evaldas left here in November, and a can of tonic. So, I give you...a jambalaya pizza (minus chesse because I don't have any of that)

Spread some olive oil on the crust, and sprinkle with Italian seasoning. Then throw on some chopped up roasted peppers (outta the jar) and some chopped up olives (took forever to chop as they have pits)

Fry up some frozen "Our Compliments" shrimp in some butter with a dash of curry powder (mmmm curry butter, imagine how proud I am of myself!)

Throw the shrimps on the pizza, and throw 'er in the oven for 10 minutes.

*Serve with red wine.
You're welcome!
A little poem for a girl from the Land of Pink Peeps (that's me of course)

{Untitled for now}
Shel Silverstein

Once upon a time, in a faraway world
There lived a kind and beautiful girl
Her name was Michelle and all things in her town
Were a bright, vibrant color, from the sky to the ground

The lampposts were pink, the buildings were blue
All things there had color, the people did too
Some folks they were orange or purple or cream
But most of the people that lived there were green

Michelle, however, was a bright shade of red
From her tippity toes to her toppity head
The strange thing was that in the entire town
Not one other red kid was there to be found

All the greens were alike, they talked the same talk
They laughed the same laugh and they walked the same walk
They sang the same songs, they read the same books
They wore the same clothes and they gave the same looks
Michelle didn't want to be green just like them
But she wished all her life to have just one red friend

The greens wouldn't dare even chat with a red
If they were together, not a word would be said
So Michelle made friends with a pink and a teal
They aren't red, she thought, but at least they are real

At sleep-over parties, when they were in bed
She'd try to color her sleeping friends red
But they'd wake up, laugh, and wash off in the sink
And that's okay, she thought, I like teal and pink

She didn't want them to change, she liked them as them
But she wished all her life to have just one red friend
"Michelle, what's wrong?" her teal friend had said
"I wish," she replied, "to have one friend that's red."

And wished she sure did, everyday and all night
She wished on the stars that would shine on so bright
She wished on all wishbones, and made sure she'd win
She wished on the fountains she threw her coins in

And this year an extra wish she did make
When she blew out the candles on her birthday cake
But days they'd begin and days they would end
And Michelle still couldn't find just one red friend

One sunny day, along with her class
Michelle went outside to have lunch on the grass
She grabbed her red lunch box and red backpack too
When she noticed the lace was untied on her shoe

She knelt on the floor to tie her red lace
When she saw two green feet coming at a quick pace
Before she could rise and move towards the door
WHAM! – a green kid knocked her onto the floor

The green kids were laughing as they walked outside
And Michelle just wanted to run home and hide
But she brushed off her clothes and held her head high
She wouldn’t let any green kids see her cry

So she sat by herself as she always had
At the edge of the school, feeling sadder than sad
She ate her red lunch with red tears in her eyes
When she heard a strange voice she did not recognize

"Hello, I'm new here," the stranger had said
And when she looked up she saw that the young boy was red!
"What that kid did in the hallway was mean
Those kids only care about things that are green

We should love every color we have in this world
Every color of boy, every color of girl
Because inside we're red, orange, purple and blue
We're brown and we're even a little green too
So although on the outside you can tell us apart
On the inside we all have a colorful heart."

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I've been on my own now for over a week, and I must say I haven't accomplished much. I have a huge list of stuff to get done, but its so damn hard to chip away at it right now. I think I'm finally regaining my energy after the farm weekend extravaganza, but I'm still laying here dreading going back into my kitchen. I hit the cupboards today; removed everything, scrubbed then re-organized everything back inside. The rest of my kitchen however, is a disaster. I can barely walk through it because of the pile of clothes and pillows spilling out of the backpack I took to the farm.

I just had a hilarious memory thinking of things spilling out in my kitchen. I remember I once thought I had a few too many bags under my kitchen sink...but had absolutely no idea just how many bags I had under there until I pulled them all out. It was like in the cartoons when someone pulls a little loose thread on their sweater, only to end up tied in a ridiculous pile of knots.

No, it wasn't excessive or anything...

I've put off laundry for as long as possible. I hate doing laundry when Shayne isn't here to have a drink with me during the wash cycle. I have allowed myself to relax pretty well for the last couple of days (I needed it) but the work is piling up. The cello isn't going to play itself, nor are the paintings going to paint themselves. Oh, and my fridge isn't going to miraculously barf delicious groceries into it's own mouth (eew sorry!) so I guess I'll have to go to the chopper. (that really was a horrible metaphor)

More Pictures From the Farm!

Here are a bunch more photos from the long weekend that I thieved from Erin, Jerry and Clay. Thanks guys, you feed my blog!

Some more shots from the beautiful hike on the Devil's Monument trail. Fresh water waterfall (does that make sense? water waterfall?..anyway) Georgian Bay, rocky beach...

Tess!!!!!!! (half of Tess that is :-)

Some more shots from inside the farmhouse. Drinks, food, games conversations...

Fireworks. Many dangerous fireworks.

Chillin' Strummin' Hangin'