Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Old Days of Swinging

As someone who does not own a television, I am often intrigued when I am around one. I feel like there is so much I have missed, but not in a longing, upset way, rather in just a minor blip of false reality way. Since I am unable to spend my days flipping channels, I relish the chance when I have it (although it never fails to bore me quickly)

The other day, a group of us went to the usual Sunday night drink spot and had a good laugh over the TV situation. This bar in question is a swanky Drake wannabe by Saturday, and quite another entity by Sunday. Upon entering, we were knocked over by the booming voice of a testosterone induced Stewie and the usual blase Brian. "Hey guys!!" our barkeep friend Mark yelled while hopping up off his comfy seat at the back of the bar, leaving a few guys there to continue watching their seemingly usual Sunday night "Family Guy" extravaganza.

I guess all I have to say is this:
1) A swanky bar tends to take on a hilarious new feel when it houses no clientele, and plays no music, but boasts a big screen TV playing cartoons and blasts the audio through the house speakers
2) When you're trying to concoct a fun blog posting, but just got nothin' but boring stories about television, just post pictures of yourself in a public bathroom.

On Monday I met up with Erin for some much needed wine and catching up. The problem with wine (a lot of wine) on a Monday night, is that it leaves you feeling like the weekend is about to start...but surprise!!! Ya still got a whole week ahead of you!

Favourite restaurant, favourite girl, favourite night-time walk home.

I was floating on my walk home, white wine will do that to me. That walk home from the College / Bathurst neighbourhood is like an old friend to me. I have made that trip, my head filled with music, so many times, through so many different stages of my life. The same streets, the same night gardens, different seasons, different tunes. That walk is like home to me. I have made that walk happy, in tears, in full out depression, in longing, in need. That walk grounds me and reminds me where I am, who I am, where I've been and where I'm going.

This time, as I walked, one of my own songs came on my iPod. I always listen to music and imagine that I am the creator, and this time, I was. This time, I decided to honour my last posting about being kind to your inner child, and following my heart. It was nearing 11:00pm and I was nearing Osler Playground, and my heart was wanting swings!! I tramped through the dewy grass and sandy park and hopped on a swing. When I was a child I spent hours on my swing-set, it was by far my favourite thing in the entire universe to do. When my family moved out of that house, the old woman next door gave me a little figurine of a child swinging (and it actually did swing) She told me that she had watched me grow up on that swing-set, and had felt such joy over my joy, which had touched her.

So on Monday night I just followed my heart (and my feet) and swang away for a good half hour by myself. The air was perfectly warm, the sky was clear, the moon was bright and the buds were just starting to form on the trees. My music sounded better, and I felt happier, like there was nowhere else in the world I was meant to be except on that swing, in that park, on that night.

Enjoy the moment you are in right now, and if your inner child wants to swing, then dammit let her swing!


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