Sunday, April 5, 2009

Luke and the Island!

This funny little guy is Luke. Luke is a snaggle-tooth buggle who I adore. He melted my heart in about three seconds... Today, Jerry and I dropped in to Adam & Mark's place to visit the new little dude in their house, and I really wanted to take him home with me.

"Is this my good side?"
Awww Winnie...we still love you very much too! I think she has too much fun wrestling with Luke to feel any jealousy. There were a few times when both dogs were clambering into my lap as I crouched down to play with them (not very graceful!)

After melting all over Adam and Mark's floor, Jerry and I decided to ride our bikes to the island. It was such a nice day, but I'm looking forward to when there are leaves on these trees! (not that I want to wish the future here too quickly, but it is nice when the greenery shows up)

Jerry lookin' ticked that we just missed the ferry and had to wait half an hour (he wasn't really ticked, it just looks like it here heehaa) We sat in the sun by the docks (not so shabby) and Jerry told me hilarious storylines from the movie "Everybody's Fucking" I think I have to see it.

Serious faces!
Happy faces!

Jerry and his dream house. I fell in love with every single house on Ward's island, it's a complete fantasy land. This house is covered in vines (you can see them all over the roof) I can only imagine how magical it will be in the summer when all these vines are leafy. I just want to spend my days painting and playing cello outside here.

There are cats everywhere here. Its such a perfect, safe place for them because there is no traffic. I am willing to bet there are at least 30 crazy cat ladies living on the island.

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