Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Look of Silver Skies

Tonight I'm gonna take a night for myself.
This will be the first Saturday night I hang out on my own in probably over a year, just me and some wine and LOTS of music (guitar, cello & piano)....I'm such a big nerd. Working on composing something....

But before I get to that, an update on the last few days. Last night a bunch of us took Judi out for her birthday (happy birthday Judi!) to Urban Thai. Amazing. I don't have any pix unfortunately, but if you are looking for some delicious Thai food, go there.

Alright, now onto the part that I really shouldn't blog about, but can't help myself cause it was so fun. We did a secret photo shoot on Thursday night (not so secret anymore) for Two Many People (the boyz' band) Hijacked a full length greenscreen for a few hours and let loose with lots of tunes. ANTM & Crazy Banks should be feelin' the nerves, because this is how modelling is done.

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