Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ja! ich spreche Deutsch!

Last night I had my first German class.
This is so I can finally know what Tess, Daniel and Shayne are talking about! I'm surrounded by German much of the time, and I also promised Nico & Dalia (when I was in Heidelberg in July) that I would take German classes once back in Canada. So it took me a little longer to get around to it (as I was taking baking classes) but I have finally, officially started, and it's great. How hilarious is it to hear your fellow non-German speakers try to pronounce this word:


That, my friends, is a real German word, translating literally to "eleven thousand, seven hundred and ninety eight" ...this is gonna be a long ride.

After class, I turned into a cafe for a hot chocolate to wait for Shayne (who was in god's country...north of Sheppard). I was just sitting there legally minding my own business, sipping my drink and reading about spiritual journeys, when, unbeknownst to me, Shayne was busy illegally hopping from his $40 nose-bleed seat at the John Williams concert, to a $400 front row seat. "What?" he said "No one was sitting there!" Ok bueno, good on ya baby, I agree, why let a good thing go to waste. Shayne is master of this practice of seat filling, and does it whenever, and where ever possible. I then proceeded to talk his ear off about Deutsch the entire way home.

And, without further ado: my day today (which was just about as exciting as ridin' a rollercoaster with a lollypop in black-fly season)

New-ish shoes from Vallue Village:

Waiting for the bus, glad I didn't have to chase after that Jack Russell puppy today and track down his owners again. Honestly people, lock your gate.

Rainy day at the office...where is everyone hey?
I used to live in this building, it was my first apartment alone in the city many, many years ago. So many stories I could tell about this place and those years, but I'll save those for another day.

What I look like to my computer: (pre-eyebrows)

Took off to the salon to get the ol' eyebrows dyed, and took some pix of subways for Shayne for reference for tomorrow's photo shoot (more on the photo shoot on Friday!!)

What I look like to my computer (post eyebrows)

And I'm out!
Have a good one xoxo

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