Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Bike Adventures

Good end-of-the-weekend evening.
I feel like I've been much fresh air is wonderful, but tiring. Last Wednesday, Shayne and I rode bikes to Petit Dejuner, where we met up with Tess and Daniel for a big dinner of muscles. I've known for a while that Shayne's bike (which he got from the neighbour) was falling apart, but I didn't realize the extent of it. I knew that his brakes weren't in the best shape, but I was horrified when I saw that in order to stop, he had to pull in close to the curb, and let his tires scrape along it. Then, the next morning, his gear shifter snapped off. So I declared that this weekend we were going to get him a new bike, no questions. Period.

Cadense Bakery, the papparazzi found us from across the street!

Most delicious cappuccino with chocolate sprinkles on top. It was such a beautiful warm day, all the windows along the front were wide open so we were sitting in the direct sun.

Then Jerry showed up cause he can't pass up an adventure (especially a 'combing the city for a working and affordable used bike' adventure!)

I'm pretty sure we hit up every place in town that sells used bikes, and it's quite a community. Bike Pirates had an amazing bike, but it was on hold for someone...and the bastard actually claimed it so it was out of Shayne's hands. They did, however, send us down to Kensington Market to visit "Mike the Bike" an out of the way, tiny dark place that you would never see unless you knew it was there. Mike was awesome and friendly and had the greatest little cat called Bobo. bikes...but he sent us to George (another Kensington bike guy). We found George down a gravel laneway, and he was fixing up some old bikes in a garage. bikes...but he sent us to Shannon (the last of the Kensington bike guys). Shannon was also down a gravel laneway...also in a garage filled with bike parts. He didn't have anything currently either, but asked if we'd seen Mike or George...yep and yep. I asked him if there were any other bike sellers in the Market. He said no, and that "Bikes on Wheels" wasn't a good choice "don't go there"....ok. So we didn't go there, but I can't help but wonder if the Kensington bike guys are just trying to steal away the business from the one and only actual store front bike store in the neighbourhood. Oh well, Shannon recommended the Bike Network on Queen also, so we decided to go there...but not before hitting up Jerry's recommendation, his quintessential Uncle Jacob. Jerry has spoken of this guy's pawn shop forever. I've come to think that pretty much everything Jerry owns is from this guy, and this guy now primarily deals in bikes. Uncle Jacob himself is a huge, warm, gregarious guy, (who I can imagine you don't want to be on the bad side of) but the dudes working for him, namely, the one in the pictures below, are dinks.

Here is Jerry checking out his dream bike...

Ugh. Still no bike for Shayne. That's ok, lets just go and cure your sadness with a big chocolate milkshake. What's that? The milkshake is gone already? Oooohhh-uh!!

KOS Brunch...meh. I remember when this place used to be the Bellevue Diner...I remember it being better then, but I was afterall, a drunken or hungover youngster in those days, so I'm sure my memory isn't quite clear. I don't want to rag on the place too much, it is what it is...but it's nothing much.

The dudes across the street in the blue house (you can sort of see them in the pictures) had the greatest set up. A front deck set up with was just like a personal restaurant patio surrounded by all the real restaurant patios. They pretty much had it made.

We lost Jerry along the way in the market! After brunch, we rode down to the Bike Network on Queen, but they didn't have anything either. So, back up to Jacob's to try and make a deal. Deal was made, but the bike needed work, so we left the bike there with the promise of picking it up the next day (Sunday aka Today)

This morning (this is a two day post)
Shayne took the street car to the shop, I rode my bike to meet him there. The bike was finally in his hands, all that was left was a bike ride to test the bike. It's cool. It's old and it's green and vintagey. I think its the guy's version of my mom's old bike (which she is giving to me) So, today we basically just rode bikes all day. Tried to get in touch with Jerry to meet up again as planned, but he was already out and about (with no cell phone) We toured around the Roncesvalles area, and stopped for lunch at the Friendly Thai (so good)

This is my "disoriented shot" as this lamp is not actually on a ledge. It is actually mounted on the wall above me, sticking out parallel to the ceiling.

So much leftovers. But this was dinner too (wrapped up in a veggie wrap with alfalfa and avocado!)

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