Thursday, March 26, 2009


At the office right now in cubicle land, living off the land of coffee stained desks, pile carpets, ventilation system hum, random tunes in the background from co-workers computers, and the tick tick tick tick tick ring ring ring tick tick tick tick ring ring tick tick tick tick shut up!!!! Sometimes I wonder if the incessant ringing in my ears is from living in this high-rise cube land. You may have guessed that I am not currently hanging out like in the above photo...or the below photo....

Riding the subway into work today, I was listening to my iPod on shuffle n' some fun French gypsy music came on (Sanseverino) which made a great background for morning commuters. Normally I watch as the dregs of the morning drag their feet and purses and backpacks and briefcases and salt-stained trench coats all over the place. But this morning, under the influence of Sanseverino, everything just looked funny. The dregs aren't the dregs when you don't feel like dregs (am I even using that word correctly? Probably not, but I do have my own dictionary and I don't care what anyone says about that)

While sandwiched between an armpit and an ass this morning on the bus, I noticed that there are buds on the trees. Suddenly the armpits and asses didn't seem so terrible.

I want to stop rushing my life away. We are always looking forward to something, and not enjoying what we have now. "I can't wait for the weekend" (for example) but do you really want to get older, so much faster? I want to believe in today. There is nothing wrong with looking forward to things, but lets all just slow down a little, because before we know it (as they say) we'll be shrivelled and old and won't fit into skinny jeans anymore (if I fit into skinny jeans in the first place anyhow)

We look forward to what we don't yet have, and then we look back on how nice that day was "last week". But today is the future of yesterday, and today is the past of tomorrow. Yay today! I like you very much!

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