Saturday, March 28, 2009

So Nice!

Sitting here with hair dye on the roots, very needy.
I was out this morning taking the cat to the vet, and its beautiful. Simon howls on the streetcar, very funny (if not a little annoying for the others traveling) While I was waiting for the streetcar home, beside the park, I was overwhelmed with the craving for a shrimp/avocado croissant sandwich from soon as this dye is out of my hair...I'm getting myself one of those.

Last night Erin came over with a couple of her friends for drinks. We talked about everything (I mean everything) The first comment that came out of one of the girl's mouths was "you look like you have a great sex life!"....hahaha, that was what followed "hi, I'm Cristy" This gal was entertainer times ten (and even plays accordion).

After a few drinks, I gave in and decided to go to the Social with them. I hadn't planned on it, because I find that bar to be insta-boring after around 30 minutes, but I don't get to see Erin often, so thought it wouldn't hurt. It was exactly as I thought, but made the best of it for about 45min until I just couldn't do it anymore. Its a shame cause its a fun spot, and super close to home, but the music just doesn't get me going. Oh, and the crowd of 15 year old boys (ok, well that's humourous, and I get a kick out of it for sure). I worked at the Social for an evening (my first time there) and that was a good time. My friend Simon and I helped out a DJ pal by working the door for a few hours. We took the first part of the shift which proved awesome. By the time we joined the crowd on the dancefloor, we were so ready to shake it, AND we knew everyone already. The place sadly, just hasn't been quite the same as that night.

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