Friday, March 27, 2009

Not Too Much Time!

Last night, we went to see an improv play at Comedy Bar for Tess' birthday. The show had already started when we walked in, as they were getting suggestions from the audience for the content of their show. At first we were skeptical, but it ended up being really fun. I was relieved when I found out it wasn't one of those improv deals where the audience is all involved. I'm happy being left in the dark with my glass of wine, with you doing the entertaining, thank you very much!

In other news, I finally decided to ditch the ear killing earbuds. The ringing in my ears has become so bad, that it drives me crazy at night, so I dropped some cash on proper headphones. I will now look even nerdier on the subway commute, but at least I'll be able to hear a bit longer. What?? I can't hear you!!!

I overheard Daniel say it was Judi's birthday this weekend. Time. Goes. By. Too. Fast. I cannot believe that it has been a year since her party last year. Shayne and I had just barely started dating, and Judi's birthday was our first time out with my friends. We met up with a bunch of people at College Street Bar, filled with butterflies and nerves. I managed to get red wine all over Daniel's new cashmere sweater (and I wasn't drunk, simply nervous and ridiculously giddy) Afterwards, Shayne and I stopped by a convenience store to buy eggs and pancake mix, and had ourselves a delightful 3am breakfast back at Andrew's place where he had been living at the time. Awwww tingle wink!

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