Monday, March 30, 2009

March Stories

A girl may straighten her hair at her desk
Cubicles can be used for more then the daily work
Smokin' flat irons do well here
Smokin' under the desk, don't want to set off the overhead sprinklers
Just because my hair needs doing
Some ladies put on their mascara in the car
I flat iron my hair in my cube when no one's around

There were no avocado / shrimp sandwhiches
Had to make due with meatballs in a cold park
Not so gorgeous once out there
Didn't last long on that bench in the sun

Earth Hour come and gone
Last year, playin' guitar and singing for two
Let me sing you a waltz
Don't think twice its alright
This year, a single candle
Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine
Then beautify and out to the bar
Adult Arcade

Shopping in the East end with Patricia
Too Many People at home rehearsing
Last store, expensive dresses
I found a one of a kind skirt that fit (will post pictures once I have them)
Only one on the planet with one of these
(to match my being the only one in N.America with a Slovenian reality show shirt)
Then had an amazing home cooked meal & a round of Rampant Rabbids
Thanks PJ & Sleahy for a great day/meal/evening!

And check out this house
This house is insane
East Enders do it differently

Memories of a big stoner moment
Thinking Jeff Buckley was my long lost lover
Trying to find him in the crowds on Queen Street
Oh how I miss you pot, and the things you do
Why do you make me crazy now?


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