Sunday, March 1, 2009

big city, small town

living in the same area of town for a long time
not a huge circle of friends, but a smaller circle of good ones
scattered, and perhaps not all friends with each other
accquaintances around corners, in bars

hanging out sometimes, just chatting with a random bar tender
showing up for live music at a small venue, being the only stranger there
(meaning the only ones who aren't family or friends with the performers)
so inevitably get introduced via microphone to the rest of the bar
"friends and family, meet our new friends!"
and for the rest of the evening, become sorta a random part of a random family
sitting beside the singer's beaming dad for the evening
the band re-telling old stories that everyone in the room knew already,
just for our benefit, as dad smiles in our direction

sitting in my living room
looking out the window, lots to see
like my neighbour's carpets
hanging in a tree...


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