Sunday, March 22, 2009

Absolutely! Of Course!

On Friday night, we met up with Tess and Daniel at Disgraceland for greasy burgers, and laughed a ton thinking up names for Shayne's band. Personally, Plummer Bum and Titty Tastles are up there for me. After the eats, we went down the road to Concord Cafe to see what live music was happening there. It was a guy on the sitar/digeredoo/flute/mixer and another guy on the drums. They were playing what they called "Trance Sitar". It was amusing to say the least (I wish I had video) The music is the kind we've all heard before (I respect it for sure) but there was an element of cheese there when they started covering pop songs. The main point of amusement though, was the crowd. I love people watching. One woman in particular, she was perhaps 50 years old, and she was tearing up the dancefloor, rocking the age old trance dance moves...really awkwardly. But, if I find myself still dancing at 50, not giving a shit about the folks like me who are watching, then awesome.

And now, I am sick. Really grossly sick. I woke up on Saturday morning after the flu train slammed me full on in the head. I couldn't lay down, couldn't sit, couldn't stand, without being uncomfortable. Every position I tried, the body aces pounded me to the core. I had several baths as that hot water was at least somewhat soothing. Every few minutes my temp would change, hot n' sweaty, to instant freezing chills, and that went on non-stop. I managed to walk to the corner to the grocery store, but felt in a fainting daze the whole time, and started panicking, saying "I gotta get out of here now!!" Ugh. I dreaded bed time, and yep, it was exactly as I thought. Impossible. Bed to couch to bed to couch, soaking sweats to freezing chills. Nightmare, and I don't keep things like Advil or Neo Citren around the house, so I stupidly bared it all au naturel.

Today, I decided to finally have a shower, or should I say a needle pelting? Although the water feels good, at the same time its like a million little needles pricking my skin. The house is a disaster, I desperately need to clean, do dishes, work on my paintings...but I just can't do it. I am so confined to discomfort on the couch, and that is all I can accomplish right now.

And thanks for listening to my wonderful story.

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