Monday, March 30, 2009

March Stories

A girl may straighten her hair at her desk
Cubicles can be used for more then the daily work
Smokin' flat irons do well here
Smokin' under the desk, don't want to set off the overhead sprinklers
Just because my hair needs doing
Some ladies put on their mascara in the car
I flat iron my hair in my cube when no one's around

There were no avocado / shrimp sandwhiches
Had to make due with meatballs in a cold park
Not so gorgeous once out there
Didn't last long on that bench in the sun

Earth Hour come and gone
Last year, playin' guitar and singing for two
Let me sing you a waltz
Don't think twice its alright
This year, a single candle
Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine
Then beautify and out to the bar
Adult Arcade

Shopping in the East end with Patricia
Too Many People at home rehearsing
Last store, expensive dresses
I found a one of a kind skirt that fit (will post pictures once I have them)
Only one on the planet with one of these
(to match my being the only one in N.America with a Slovenian reality show shirt)
Then had an amazing home cooked meal & a round of Rampant Rabbids
Thanks PJ & Sleahy for a great day/meal/evening!

And check out this house
This house is insane
East Enders do it differently

Memories of a big stoner moment
Thinking Jeff Buckley was my long lost lover
Trying to find him in the crowds on Queen Street
Oh how I miss you pot, and the things you do
Why do you make me crazy now?


Saturday, March 28, 2009

So Nice!

Sitting here with hair dye on the roots, very needy.
I was out this morning taking the cat to the vet, and its beautiful. Simon howls on the streetcar, very funny (if not a little annoying for the others traveling) While I was waiting for the streetcar home, beside the park, I was overwhelmed with the craving for a shrimp/avocado croissant sandwich from soon as this dye is out of my hair...I'm getting myself one of those.

Last night Erin came over with a couple of her friends for drinks. We talked about everything (I mean everything) The first comment that came out of one of the girl's mouths was "you look like you have a great sex life!"....hahaha, that was what followed "hi, I'm Cristy" This gal was entertainer times ten (and even plays accordion).

After a few drinks, I gave in and decided to go to the Social with them. I hadn't planned on it, because I find that bar to be insta-boring after around 30 minutes, but I don't get to see Erin often, so thought it wouldn't hurt. It was exactly as I thought, but made the best of it for about 45min until I just couldn't do it anymore. Its a shame cause its a fun spot, and super close to home, but the music just doesn't get me going. Oh, and the crowd of 15 year old boys (ok, well that's humourous, and I get a kick out of it for sure). I worked at the Social for an evening (my first time there) and that was a good time. My friend Simon and I helped out a DJ pal by working the door for a few hours. We took the first part of the shift which proved awesome. By the time we joined the crowd on the dancefloor, we were so ready to shake it, AND we knew everyone already. The place sadly, just hasn't been quite the same as that night.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Not Too Much Time!

Last night, we went to see an improv play at Comedy Bar for Tess' birthday. The show had already started when we walked in, as they were getting suggestions from the audience for the content of their show. At first we were skeptical, but it ended up being really fun. I was relieved when I found out it wasn't one of those improv deals where the audience is all involved. I'm happy being left in the dark with my glass of wine, with you doing the entertaining, thank you very much!

In other news, I finally decided to ditch the ear killing earbuds. The ringing in my ears has become so bad, that it drives me crazy at night, so I dropped some cash on proper headphones. I will now look even nerdier on the subway commute, but at least I'll be able to hear a bit longer. What?? I can't hear you!!!

I overheard Daniel say it was Judi's birthday this weekend. Time. Goes. By. Too. Fast. I cannot believe that it has been a year since her party last year. Shayne and I had just barely started dating, and Judi's birthday was our first time out with my friends. We met up with a bunch of people at College Street Bar, filled with butterflies and nerves. I managed to get red wine all over Daniel's new cashmere sweater (and I wasn't drunk, simply nervous and ridiculously giddy) Afterwards, Shayne and I stopped by a convenience store to buy eggs and pancake mix, and had ourselves a delightful 3am breakfast back at Andrew's place where he had been living at the time. Awwww tingle wink!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


At the office right now in cubicle land, living off the land of coffee stained desks, pile carpets, ventilation system hum, random tunes in the background from co-workers computers, and the tick tick tick tick tick ring ring ring tick tick tick tick ring ring tick tick tick tick shut up!!!! Sometimes I wonder if the incessant ringing in my ears is from living in this high-rise cube land. You may have guessed that I am not currently hanging out like in the above photo...or the below photo....

Riding the subway into work today, I was listening to my iPod on shuffle n' some fun French gypsy music came on (Sanseverino) which made a great background for morning commuters. Normally I watch as the dregs of the morning drag their feet and purses and backpacks and briefcases and salt-stained trench coats all over the place. But this morning, under the influence of Sanseverino, everything just looked funny. The dregs aren't the dregs when you don't feel like dregs (am I even using that word correctly? Probably not, but I do have my own dictionary and I don't care what anyone says about that)

While sandwiched between an armpit and an ass this morning on the bus, I noticed that there are buds on the trees. Suddenly the armpits and asses didn't seem so terrible.

I want to stop rushing my life away. We are always looking forward to something, and not enjoying what we have now. "I can't wait for the weekend" (for example) but do you really want to get older, so much faster? I want to believe in today. There is nothing wrong with looking forward to things, but lets all just slow down a little, because before we know it (as they say) we'll be shrivelled and old and won't fit into skinny jeans anymore (if I fit into skinny jeans in the first place anyhow)

We look forward to what we don't yet have, and then we look back on how nice that day was "last week". But today is the future of yesterday, and today is the past of tomorrow. Yay today! I like you very much!

Monday, March 23, 2009


I am still sick and stuck at home on this gorgeous sunny day. Here are some oldies from the archives.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Absolutely! Of Course!

On Friday night, we met up with Tess and Daniel at Disgraceland for greasy burgers, and laughed a ton thinking up names for Shayne's band. Personally, Plummer Bum and Titty Tastles are up there for me. After the eats, we went down the road to Concord Cafe to see what live music was happening there. It was a guy on the sitar/digeredoo/flute/mixer and another guy on the drums. They were playing what they called "Trance Sitar". It was amusing to say the least (I wish I had video) The music is the kind we've all heard before (I respect it for sure) but there was an element of cheese there when they started covering pop songs. The main point of amusement though, was the crowd. I love people watching. One woman in particular, she was perhaps 50 years old, and she was tearing up the dancefloor, rocking the age old trance dance moves...really awkwardly. But, if I find myself still dancing at 50, not giving a shit about the folks like me who are watching, then awesome.

And now, I am sick. Really grossly sick. I woke up on Saturday morning after the flu train slammed me full on in the head. I couldn't lay down, couldn't sit, couldn't stand, without being uncomfortable. Every position I tried, the body aces pounded me to the core. I had several baths as that hot water was at least somewhat soothing. Every few minutes my temp would change, hot n' sweaty, to instant freezing chills, and that went on non-stop. I managed to walk to the corner to the grocery store, but felt in a fainting daze the whole time, and started panicking, saying "I gotta get out of here now!!" Ugh. I dreaded bed time, and yep, it was exactly as I thought. Impossible. Bed to couch to bed to couch, soaking sweats to freezing chills. Nightmare, and I don't keep things like Advil or Neo Citren around the house, so I stupidly bared it all au naturel.

Today, I decided to finally have a shower, or should I say a needle pelting? Although the water feels good, at the same time its like a million little needles pricking my skin. The house is a disaster, I desperately need to clean, do dishes, work on my paintings...but I just can't do it. I am so confined to discomfort on the couch, and that is all I can accomplish right now.

And thanks for listening to my wonderful story.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Spring!

Although there seems to be an enormous amount of attitude in the city these days, I must admit that it's a happy time of year. Sunshine, birds, breeze, spring jackets, knee socks, little flats, windows open, paintings drying on my table in the cool air, the cat's little nose twitching at all the new smells from outside, the sound of the blinds hitting the window frame. The snow has melted, the shadows have formed, the world has slowed down; closer to that warm air lethargy.

But though I have positive thoughts through this change of season, there is still a plague abound out there. People don't seem to treat people like people anymore. Before you yell at me for causing you to have to slow your car at the crosswalk, remember that I am someone's daughter, not unlike your own. If I upset you because you think my bicycle is too close to your streetcar, is it really necessary to scream at me through the doors, in front of all your passengers? Is my bright red coat not enough for you to see me when I walk down the street? I don't appreciate your elbows nailing me in the rib when I pass you and your whole gaggle of squealing friends.

Honestly, sometimes its enough to drive me out of this city I love. I do love this city, but my brain and my mind are unhealthy here. I do love that I'm free to do as I please, but it's work. I want to build a cabin in the middle of a park (a park that you do not have to "use at your own risk") Seriously WTF this drives me mad...
No, I'd like to live in a cabin on the edge of a vibrant town, on the edge of a sunfilled cliffside, where people are truly welcoming, and can let go and party until dawn under the stars. I'll move into Orfeo's home in Rio de Janeiro (minus the infidelity and death)

The other day, a strange stranger appeared in the halls at work. He came with a giant beard and many questions about our culture. He wanted to know why we are forced to honour certain people, and make them feel special and loved, after they call our hard work "retarded".

He also wondered why the word "we" is used in such "royal" terms, and used so frequently, to disguise the fact that we were being told to do something. He wondered why someone would come to him, and ask him directly "do we have to go to the washroom?".

Did I ever mention how much work colleague parties can stress me out? Well, there are those kind of parties yes (the ones that happen after work, at a bar or at someone's house), but there are also the "at work" "parties" (separated by two sets of quotes on purpose) The kind where you all gather in the boardroom which is decorated with streamers, easy listening Christmas carols playing on a little CD player, and make small talk while balancing your paper plate, plastic cutlery, napkin and plastic cup filled (FILLED) with wine. Oh look! I'm the only one with a cup of wine because I'm surrounded by pregnant ladies. Is pregnancy catching? Will I emerge from said function with a giant pregnant belly? Sproing! Oops would ya look at that!

The following picture has nothing to do with pregnancy:

I am taking a baking class at George Brown, which is almost finished (one class left). I have made many masterpieces...all WITH NOSE RING IN MY NOSE!!! I have received some grief from the chef about my piercing. Apparently facial piercings are not allowed in a professional kitchen, and they are not part of the chef uniform (I have to wear a uniform, complete with chef hat) After a few passive aggressive reminders from the chef that facial piercings must be either taken out, or covered up (I will not take mine out, end of discussion) I stuck a band-aid on my nose for a class. As if I'm not already one of the biggest nerd-losers on the planet...I was then just a big nerd-loser with a band-aid on my face!! Anyway, it didn't seem to be a problem that everyone else in the class was wearing hoop earrings, watches, rings etc. So the nose ring prevailed. No. More. Band-aid. Face.

I have an accordion. I happened to mention the other day that I wanted an accordion (for reasons unknown even to me) and a colleague said he just happened to have one in his pile o' junk in the basement. So, lo and behold: accordion. I carried it home on the subway and got ridiculous looks and comments from all the strangers. Yeah ok, so I have an accordion!! That does not give you free reign to sling insults in my direction!!!*
*ok, maybe it does
Second Lastly:
Feel better Jerry. You are the most wonderful, whimsical person filled with awesome weirdness that I know. You one of my very best friends. You have been there for me through everything (my shy, my sad, my crazy, my kryztee) I am not good at dealing with people's sorrows, I never know what to say. But just know that I care, I feel all, and I am sad too because I can feel your sad.

I leave you with kittens.