Thursday, January 15, 2009

sometimes i sit and contemplate

things like how last week i went out dancing with some friends and new acquaintances. as i've said before, i'm a nervous-wreck-drinker who has trouble distinguishing between the right and wrong things to say/do. i was dancing with all of these folks, and decided to pull out my latest (and uncontrollable) move: the "pretend to pull my shirt open and shake my boobs at you" dance move. yeah, i know, but it's really funny when my friends and i partake in this move, because we're all in on the joke.

however, i got a little too comfortable with these friends and strangers, and ran up to a girl (a girl) i just met less then an hour before, and pulled this move on her. she looked a little confused, so i giggled and tried to explain that it is our "funny signature move". ok, so she found it somewhat amusing (somewhat), but looked like she really thought i needed help. oh mano.

ok, another thing i've been finding myself contemplating lately...greeting cards. is this a booming industry? i'd just like to know who writes these beauties. is it a competitive market of card writers? a small inner circle, all friends/enemies with each other? i imagine it could get quite cut-throat coming up with...well...

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