Friday, January 30, 2009

oh wednesday....

sometimes the scariest thing about children, is the realization of what their parents must be like. children sometimes say things, or act in strange ways, and our first thought is 'omg, can you believe that kid?' but when you really think about it, where does an 8 year old get their ideas? i remember when i was 8, my view of the world was very sheltered, only shaped by my immediate world, and occasionally Scooby Doo.

there happens to be this company, which may or may not be a children's broadcaster, that tries to better the lives of children by bringing awareness of certain things to their attention; in short, by bringing a greater awareness of the world at large, into their pillowfort surroundings. all's well that means well, but correct me if i'm wrong, but shouldn't children be left to enjoy their pillowfort surroundings? when i was 8, i didn't know the meaning of the word 'stress'. kids these days do, and its in part thanks to mediums like this, where all knowing adults mean to ease the stress of the little kids' minds...but in doing this, they're simply teaching kids what stress is.

although the media is a big part of life now, my first point was that kids primarily learn things from their parents, but what the hell kind of parents are out there anyway? my example lies here: this broadcaster went to a prestigious, catholic private school to interview some kids on the subject of bullying (i am not making light of this subject, mind you) and the broadcaster was curious to know if bullying occurs more inside the classroom, or outside on the playground.

one particular, adorable, little girl (who was the epitome of Wednesday Adams) earnestly spoke her innocent little mind (revealing a lot about her roots in the process)

Broadcaster: "where do you think bullying occurs most?"
Wednesday: "i think that bullying occurs most in public schools, because they let anyone in"


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