Wednesday, January 14, 2009

my heater & me

ugh, always want to write more here, but i just plain don't. things are all flopped around right now: just got back from NYC on Sunday night, and have been working night shifts since (with a bit of night school mixed in there) thank you baking class for pies and thighs.

NYC is one of the best places in the world. i loved everything about it, except the subway crowds and the dudes with machine guns at grand central. those suckers must just be for show, i can't imagine anyone firing off a MACHINE GUN in the middle of an innocent, rush hour crowd just to get one guy. come on. you guys aren't fooling anyone...just making yourself seem ultra important. actually, the NY subway in general is pretty dank n' dirty. oh, and the damn express trains! i had no idea i was on one of these so-called things, so when we got to the stop, we got all ready to exit...and then the subway just kept going..and going...and going...

Sweetie Pie place on earth, and Barbara Walters was sitting right beside us

bathroom in Sweetie Pie...holy sigh.

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