Saturday, January 3, 2009

another last holi-day

happy new year! ok, i haven't written much lately, mostly out of laziness....and because of being busy creating other things. this painting is my latest, almost impossible to photograph though. the year has so far started off well, will be onto new paintings soon (two in mind) and i've managed to curtail my over-active mouth very well...that right there is goal number one of 2009. this past week, i've recorded three songs (one cover, and two of my own) which is a big first for me. it's fun, but frustrating also.

i stumbled upon some old cassette tapes this week...hilarity. my recorded love letter to leonardo dicaprio (oh god why?). this was a venture with lindsay-anne and michelle when we were 13 yeras old. leo was on "growing pains" and us gals were mad for him. but we thought, why just write a letter? we busted out the mini boom box and recorded our genius (including our phone numbers/addresses in case he wanted to contact us, a physical description of what we looked like "i have a red face...", our own rendition of "bohemian rhapsody", our own song "i farted", and some amazing pieces on the piano with extra sustain pedal added. i mean, how could leonardo dicaprio possible resist a 13 year old girl with a red face serenading him with a song about flatulence? anyhow, turns out we never did mail him the tape, so i still have it, and let me tell you, its genius.

and so, to continue starting the year off right, i'm heading to new york city in 5 days! never been before, and luckily got a place in soho on a friend's recommendation (thanks drew!!)

lots of goals for the year (not resolutions, just goals i'd like to see myself accomplish...turning 30 is also a good incentive)
  • get a new therapist (this is a big one for an anxiety wreck like me - my last one was a kook)
  • design my own website to properly start showcasing me me me
  • learn more about finances
  • spend a lot more time with my cello
  • go back to school (oh wait...this one is already done...i start on tuesday!)
  • sell some paintings! (this means i have to get working!)
that is just a small list to begin. it feels good to start the year off this way no? oh, and hello foggy trinity bellwoods!

howling wolf tree!!!

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