Monday, December 8, 2008

lovely and beautiful jewellery

and i did it again (though not nearly as badly as i normally do)
i went to a craft show on saturday afternoon, where some friends of mine were selling some of their art. since i knew many of the people there, i felt more at ease trying to conduct normal conversations with the people i didn't know. but i fool myself...

i was perusing the glass jewellery of one vendor in particular. i like this style, and own a similar piece which i bought years ago at an outdoor art sale. the conversation follows:

"i think i've seen your work somewhere before, have you ever shown at the trinity bellwoods art sale?


"have you ever shown at the outdoor art sale at nathan phillips square?"

"no, unfortunately i didn't submit in time for those shows"

"oh, because i saw lots of work just like yours there"

did i just insult this woman while trying to compliment her work? i think i innocently (and mistakenly) just told her that her work was common.


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