Monday, December 8, 2008

lovely and beautiful jewellery

and i did it again (though not nearly as badly as i normally do)
i went to a craft show on saturday afternoon, where some friends of mine were selling some of their art. since i knew many of the people there, i felt more at ease trying to conduct normal conversations with the people i didn't know. but i fool myself...

i was perusing the glass jewellery of one vendor in particular. i like this style, and own a similar piece which i bought years ago at an outdoor art sale. the conversation follows:

"i think i've seen your work somewhere before, have you ever shown at the trinity bellwoods art sale?


"have you ever shown at the outdoor art sale at nathan phillips square?"

"no, unfortunately i didn't submit in time for those shows"

"oh, because i saw lots of work just like yours there"

did i just insult this woman while trying to compliment her work? i think i innocently (and mistakenly) just told her that her work was common.


Saturday, December 6, 2008

office christmas parties

there are always a bunch of them at this time of year. this = anxiety for me. this goes along with my last post about my foot in mouth disease. i can't help it, its rampant. parties with work colleagues are so stressful for me because i'm shy, awkward, clumsy, a drinker and have uncontrollable verbal overflow. i ramble to cover up my shyness and anxiety, but the issue with this particular type of talking is the lack of thought that goes into it. incessant talking+no thinking = bad. i always remind myself before going out, to think before i speak. a 30 second pause would be less awkward then an idiotic, blathering answer surely.

"cristy, this is ___"...pause...pause....stare....silence....look at floor....look at person...take a drink...look"oh its really nice to finally meet you!"

or situation B:
"cristy, this is ___"
"oh yeah i've heard so much about you!! you're the one who cried at your desk!"
"uh, cristy, that was one of those things you weren't supposed to pass on, you know, one of those 'just between us' stories"
uh huh...drink...conversation stopper extraordinaire..."oh look! mini gerkins!" dash. and then the subsequent avoidance by, and of, these people for the rest of the evening. unfortunately, situation B is the one i am master of. not that situation A would be any would.

then there is the after-the-party reflections. 'that went well...except for... that' do i send email to apologize? which perpetuates the moment....or just let it go? i make myself feel better thinking 'yes, will apologize'...then think better of it.

uhg, seriously i can't go anywhere without making a complete ass of myself. oh, and even when i don't cause a scene, it can be pinned on me still (see next paragraph)

at the same party, i go into the bedroom where all the coats are, to send a text to boyfriend, and get sweater. this coat room is right beside the bathroom, where someone has just laid down an incredible stank. so, when i innocently leave the coat room, buttoning up my sweater, and pass a colleague in the hallway who is on her way to the bathroom...well, you know what she thought.

happy holiday partying folks!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Me and My Mouth are SO NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE!!!

Why?...because i say absolutely the wrong thing all the time.

Here are some examples:
During a conversation with good friends about what makes a good tattoo, I said something along the lines of "I would never get a tattoo of something like a frog or a butterfly"
Friend 1 answers "I have a frog"
Friend 2 answers "I have a butterfly"

Another Example:
At a bar, my friend's band was playing, and they were great. They took a break, but said they would be taking the stage again. About 30 minutes later, I approach my friend, and try to compliment his band by asking when he was playing again. But the way I actually phrased it was "When are you guys going on again? This DJ sucks"
Friend answers: "This is my iPod mix"