Thursday, February 28, 2008

corroded to the bone

sour wine and 13 shrimps (when there is supposed to be 24 - 30 in the package) idea of delightful. first thought: hey, that sucks. second thought: excellent, less ass baggage to pile on since i have no self control.

Monday, February 18, 2008

three films

you know what kills me more that that icy crap all over the sidewalk that you have to step over carefully because one wrong foot placement and you won't be on your feet anymore? when there is actually crap on that icy crap. i think perhaps dog walkers will sometimes leave their doggy's poop there on the ice a)because it is maybe too dangerous to pick up and b)out of spite for being in a bad mood. if i was in a bad mood, i would love seeing someone slip and fall into my doggy's poo too!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

comic genius

its raining and i have a caramel chocolate

i felt like i was living in the swiss hills, looking at a rustic cottage (instead of the brick city house i was actually looking at)

the weird old lady across the street came out. she was wearing her usual head scarf, and a brightly coloured blanket around her shoulders. she's a weird old lady because every week she hangs all of her rugs in the apple tree, no matter the weather. even in the rain she'll hang her rugs in the tree to air out. her side yard is laid out with sheet metal with rusty nail heads poking through. on top of the sheet metal, and under the hanging rugs, she has planters filled with faded silk flowers that have drooped over time. she has a huge old dog that i have called "raggy maggie" this dog is a long haired german sheppard looking thing with hair so matted and dirty and dreadlocked she looks like a stray. she looks like an evil wolf but it seems everyone in the hood knows that raggy maggie is perfectly harmless...though you wouldn't want to touch her.

anyway, the lady just came out to mop her sheet metal walkway. she didn't mind that she and her blanket were being rained on, and she also didn't mind wringing out her sodden mop with her bare hands, right over where she had just mopped.

i say that it reminds me of the swiss hills because that just seemed to me like a scene you would see there many years ago. pioneer people doing those tasks that they do, simply because that's what they do.


today we walked all the way up to the lcbo and it was slippery. then we walked all the way back down (stopping at the vintage store which was not slippery thanks to rubberized carpeting) to go to the video store. after about 4 months of not being in a video store, i was surprised that there were no movies i wanted to see. well, there were a few, but "other people" had already rented them.

so now i don't know what to do this afternoon. i think i might paint and play some music in front of my space heater.

just a wii little party

a word on the following pictures...

...i take no responsibility for the gorgeousness of all of our faces in the pictures to come. we are all beautiful in our own way.

we are all so gloriously gorgeous

nirvana is good

my neighbours are makin' bakin' and its killing me cause i don't have such luxuries

pictures of nirvana